Keyboard Tracer - Log all keyboard input on the computer

Keyboard Tracer Guide

Keyboard Tracer is an easy-to-use and practical tool for tracking all keypresses on your computer keyboard. Keyboard Tracer records all keys pressed in a log file: symbols, function keys (F1, Escape, etc.), lock keys (Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock), key combinations (with Alt, Ctrl, Shift), name of the application where the keys were pressed, and the date and time of each keypress.

The program provides a useful view of keyboard activity: it displays the date and time of each keypress, typing speed, and the names of the applications in which the keys were pressed. There is an option to export activity to a text file. The program has an intuitiveinterface and uses very little system memory.

System Requirements: Windows 7 / Vista / XP

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Main window

Main window of Keyboard Logger

The lower section of the main window contains a number of buttons:

In the center of the window, you can view recording start time, length of recording from program launch, and the total number of keys pressed.

Settings window

The «Settings» window contains the file path for recording all keyboard activity, options to automatically launch the program on starting Windows and display the icon in the System Tray, and the shortcut key combination to open the main window.

«Settings» window

List of program files

Keyboard Tracer consists of two programs:

Keyboard Tracer is made up of the following files:

List of program files

How does Keyboard Logger work?

On launching Windows, Keyboard Logger («Logger.exe» file) becomes hidden (the main window is not visible) and records all keyboard activity to the log file. There are three ways to restore the main window (i.e. make it visible):

How can I view activity?

To view keyboard activity, you need to launch Keyboard TracerTracer.exe» file). There a three ways to do this:

On launching the application, you will see all activity on your computer keyboard. You can specify a particular date and use the application filter. By pressing the «Play» button, you can view typing speed.

Keyboard Tracer main window

The unregistered version of Keyboard Tracer has limited functionality, and only displays activity only for the previous 10 days. To register the program, go to order page.

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Keyboard Tracer contains no spyware

The Keyboard.dll file uses a system hook to record keyboard actions, and some antivirus packages recognize this file as a trojan. Keyboard Tracer does not record any kind of hidden information and does not send any information from your computer anywhere. The Keyboard.dll file is used exclusively to capture keypresses and record these to a log. In case the Keyboard.dll file cannot be found, you should reinstall the application and authorize your antivirus software to allow Keyboard.dll to run (add it to exceptions). Keyboard Tracer does not contain any kind of trojan.